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Increase your overall revenue without changing a thing about your existing integrations. Use AirData as the easiest way to monetize mobile application data.

  • User-friendly

    Monetization without the use of ads

  • Safety and control

    Full data protection with no personal data used.

  • Regular revenue stream

    Additional revenue stream from your entire user base


Fast and easy integration using our simple and lightweight SDK

The base configuration requires only one permission: "Internet Access"

But the potential income is up to $5 per 1000 installs / month

Regardless of where the device is located.

  • Integrate AirData into your application
  • Decide what kind of data you are going to collect
  • Sell data on the global data marketplace

Earn a potential $5 per 1,000 installs per month


How it works

Data is processed with the help of Airpush's advanced mathematical models. Over time we can predict attributes such as whether customers are happy with their cellular connection (using 100% anonymous, aggregate data).

  • Device and OS information
  • Strength of cellular connection
  • Battery and charging status
  • How often the device is unlocked
  • Location and geo indicators
  • Mobile & internet network data
  • Vendors
  • Internet providers
  • Mobile Networks
  • Advertisers
  • Data Managers
  • Marketing


Generate an additional $5 per 1,000 users, per month

Calculate how much you can earn using our revenue estimator


Global Presence

The AirData team reaches all corners of the earth

AirData partners and developers benefit from an expansive, distributed global team of professionals that reach all corners of the globe.

From the U.S, Europe, and Asia to the growing mobile markets of Latin America and Africa, we work to cultivate unique monetization opportunities across the world.


Full safety and control

AirData Dashboard

The AirData dashboard allows the opportunity to decide what kind of data will be collected as well as receive real-time insight into how much data has been collected and sold.

The user-friendly AirData interface includes everything you need to view your statistics and monitor your revenue flow.



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